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Екологічний туризм можна визначити як інтегруючий напрямок рекреаційної діяльності спрямований на гармонізацію відносин між туристами, туроператорами, природним середовищем та місцевими громадами, що реалізується через екологізацію всіх видів туристської діяльності, охорону природи, екологічну освіту та виховання.


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National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1941 years

Centre of teambuilding, recreation and tourism “Eco Tour”

Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv Faculty of Geography Department of Geography of Ukraine present

Recreation trail

Master of the geography, recreation and tourism

Maryna Kulinich


This ecological trail runs along the Pechersk Landscape Park and Complex of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


Ecological trail begins at the entrance to the Pechersk Landscape Park from Friendship of Peoples Avenue (point N.1)

Begining Pechersk Landscape Park was established in 1981 as an extension of urban parks stripes on the sides of the Dnieper River during construction of the memorial complex of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The total area of the park is 43.7 hectares.


We pass from point number 1 524m to the northeast and reach the viewing platform (point number 2), from which we see a beautiful view of the Dnipro River Ecological trail passes on the right bank of the Dnieper within the Dnieper sublimity. Initially, without the influence of human activities - this is a hill covered with forest, dissected by ravines and gullies.


Walk from point number 2 on the north 378m. and we find ourselves at the observe point number 3. And here ... eye traveler can admire the unique beauty birch grove. The characteristic landforms Pechersk Landscape Park is a mountain Pechersk. This is the highest point within the city of Kyiv and its high is 196 m above sea level. Green areas represent: norway maple (Acer platanoides), horse chestnut (Aesculus), warty birch (Betula pendula), pine (Pinus sylvestris), European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus).


Walk from point number 3 on the north 302m. and find ourselves near the observe platform number 4. It is from this observation platform overlooking the domes of churches The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Singing Field is located in the center of Pechersk Landscape Park. This is a traditional venue for cultural events. Here are regularly organizes concerts, festivals and exhibitions. Every year in summer (late June - early July) there is a national music festival Dream land, which has long been associated with the same singing field. Having looked at the beautiful golden domes of churches, we are going on. We pass 486m. southwest and find ourselves in the singing field (point number 5)


The flowers decorate of the city to the Day of Kyiv is became a tradition. Annually, the singing field is flower exhibition from 22 August to 1 September. The plans of the Kyiv city state administration is to create gardens of the world. Gardens of the world - a small park, which presents mikrolandscapes of different countries


After observe singing field and inspecting the exposures of the exibition, we walk 686m. northwest to the next observe point (№ 6). It is remains of Kiev-Pechersk fortress. Along the way we meet here this KOFEYBUS. Old Kiev Pechersk fortress is a fortress complex of buildings built in the eighteenth century., it is citadel of the Kyiv fortress. Occupies about 20 hectares on the high right bank of the Dnieper around the National Reserve "Kiev-Pechersk Lavra." The limits of Kiev-Pechersk fortress determine Dniprovskyi descent, Suvorov street, Leipzig, Panfilovtsiv streets and Dnieper slopes. From the north it limits the Park of Eternal Glory, from the south - Memorial complex "National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." From the West is a new residential development. Entrances through the streets of Ivan Mazepa and Tsytadelna and Novonavodnytska streets coincide with the location of the former fortress gates.

Vasylkivska gate


From fortifications of the eighteenth century preserved only: the main shaft with bastions, two ground lunette, the upper and lower gates of Moscow, Vasylkivska gate, two powder cellars After seeing the remains of Kiev-Pechersk fortress, we walk 438m. southeast to the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War (point number 7).

Memorial complex


Memorial complex "National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1941 years" includes a museum with a monument "Motherland", the main square with alley Hero Cities and sculptural compositions "The crossing of the Dnieper" and "transfer of weapons," the gallery of heroes front and rear, the cup of "Fire of Glory," an exhibition of military equipment and weapons From the observe point number 7 pass to the south 345m. and find ourselves in an observation point number 8. This is exhibition «Artillery and aviation technology». After seeing an exhibition of artillery and aircraft, are heading to the southeast (394m) to point number 9 - Gallery of Heroes.


From Gallery of heroes to our view opens a majestic monument "Motherland" (point number 10), which is located just in 578m. from us. The author of the monument is the sculptor of the USSR V.Z. Boroday. Originally this monument conceived as a symbol of victory, but the name "Motherland" became obsolete almost immediately after construction. The total height of the monument with pedestal is 102 m. Height of the sculpture "Motherland" is 62 m. In one hand the statue holds a 16-meter-long sword, weighing 9 tons, and another - a shield with the emblem of the USSR (weighing 13 tons).


The whole construction is welded and weighs 450 tons. On the shield "Motherland" has a viewing platform. We have refreshed our hearts contemplation of the Dnieper and Kyiv, and now we go from point number 10 to the outlet or to the point number 1 (792m). Ecological trail "With the present into the past" is 5122m in length and includes 10 observation points. Needed time to walk along trails ranges from 4,5 hours. Recommended for students of secondary schools, students and others who are interested in Kyiv and appreciates nature!

See photoes of the path "National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1941 years"

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